About the winery

The Vinčić family has been growing vines and producing wine for decades. The passion and dedication to the art of viticulture and winemaking enchants every visitor at first glance. With deep roots in tradition, but also the courage to explore new paths, the Vinčić Winery has become synonymous with elegance and quality.

Vinčić winery’s philosophy is to produce wine only in the years when the vineyard produces the best wine. This means that in the winery you will not find wine from every vintage, but only from those vintages in which the climatic conditions are such that the vineyard can produce the highest quality.

Producing good wine is not at all easy, and producing the best wine is a Sisyphean job that requires a lot of knowledge, work, effort and sacrifice.

In the best wine, in addition to all the material values, something spiritual must also be woven into it, something that cannot be measured, and which gives the wine a special strength and energy.

The Vinčić Winery was founded in 2020, with the aim of turning grapes from the best localities into wine.

It operates as a small boutique winery.

The vision is to highlight the best that the variety and locality can provide.

In this regard, a team of experts has been assembled, each of whom has a specific, very strict responsibility.


These wines are here for you!

Our goal is to produce only the best, special wines - wines with a soul. Only from those vintages where the climatic conditions are such that the vineyard can produce the highest quality


Our vineyards are surrounded by blessed nature, giving the wines an unforgettable character and expressiveness. Each vine is carefully nurtured, and each bunch carefully harvested, in order to create wine pearls that win the hearts and palates of wine lovers around the world. The first vineyard was planted by grandfather Gavrilo Vinčić back in 1953, and further ones were planted in the 70s and 80s, until today.


For those who are looking for something more than wine, for those who value tradition and innovation equally, Vinarija Vinčić offers an unforgettable journey through the sensual world of wine.


Our wines are more than drinks – they are stories that pour from the glass, bearers of memories and moments that bring people together. From the wine garden to the luxurious cellar, every step in the Vinčić Winery reveals the depth of passion and dedication that went into each drop. Our award-winning wine “Best in Show” at Decanter confirms not only the exceptionality of these wines, but also the winery itself as a symbol of excellence.


Selected photos!

Grašac in the vineyard

Our vineyard

From the vineyard to the glass

A lot of work up to this point

Best at Decanter 2023.

Yes, that's the wine...

View from the cellar

From our tasting room

That’s where the magic happens

Stainless steel in teh cellar


The best wines...


Grašac is the base


How can you resist...?

From the grapes to the bottle

Need to know...

Saša in action

Cellar control is one of the most important steps...


Acknowledgments are welcome!

The road to the top is always difficult, and competitions are important because the grades lead us in the right direction. Thanks to everyone who believes in us!


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Zlatka Šnajdera 2
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Zlatka Šnajdera 2
Šid, 22240 – Serbia
381 63 55 71 71